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There are generally two types of paper shredding services available.  Because all businesses should have a document destruction policy in place, one of these options should be the solution for your office.


Scheduled Service

AcuShred will place our secure containers in your location at no charge.  You only pay for the shredding service which can be scheduled monthly,Bi-Monthly,Weekly or even Daily. All containers are locked for optimal security.We have established a flat rate billing system for our scheduled pickups that we believe is second to none in the industry. We have an absolute policy in which we never charge per minute fees or other miscellaneous service fees that have driven up our competitors’ shredding bills in the past. ​

This is ideal for an office that does not have a need for a scheduled service but has a large quantity of documents to shred. We can set you up "as needed" account in our system so when you call we can quickly get you scheduled. 

Purge Service

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